What’s The Word?

The word is this byrd has been busy! Now that I've finished moving in and out and in again, I thought I would switch things up and share some of what I've been reading this summer. I stumbled upon issue #56 of Wax Poetics Magazine about three years ago and, after reading it cover to… Continue reading What’s The Word?

Let’s get personal.

A lot has happened in our world since my last post back in February: the death of two unforgettable icons, Muhammad Ali and the artist formerly known as Prince; the controversial performance of Beyonce's "Formation" at the Super Bowl Halftime Show; the conversation surrounding the Stanford rape case; the *personally disappointing* selection of America's 2016 presidential candidates; and the continuation of… Continue reading Let’s get personal.

uptown, downtown, and all around

Yesterday I arrived back home from my short trip to New York and, although I had a wonderful visit, I'm glad to be back where the pace is a bit slower (and everything is a lot cheaper). I got to check out the Guggenheim Museum, see some high school friends play at the Jazz Gallery,… Continue reading uptown, downtown, and all around